The ICRC delivered humanitarian aid to Karabakh Armenians through Lachin and Aghdam

Baku/18.09.23/Turan: Two ICRC trucks delivered humanitarian aid to the Karabakh Armenians this morning, traveling simultaneously along the Lachin-Khankendi and Agdam-Khankendi roads.

As a result of persistent diplomatic efforts to find a humanitarian consensus between the decision-makers, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) is today bringing shipments of wheat flour and essential medical items to people in need via the Lachin Corridor and the Aghdam road.

“We are extremely relieved that many people reliant on humanitarian aid will finally receive much needed support in the coming days,” said Ariane Bauer, ICRC’s regional director for Europe and Central Asia. “Health structures are lacking medical supplies. People are queuing hours for bread. They urgently need sustained relief through regular humanitarian shipments. This consensus has allowed our teams to resume this lifesaving work.” The ICRC has been in talks over the last weeks with decision-makers about options to get aid into the area via different routes, including both the Lachin Corridor and Aghdam road.

Today’s operation included two trucks which simultaneously delivered goods via both the Lachin Corridor and Aghdam road.

“I hope that this consensus allows for our strictly humanitarian convoys to resume not just today but in the weeks to come so that we can regularly get aid to those who need it,” said Ms Bauer. “Our aim is to reach those most in need of assistance in line with our fundamental principles of neutrality, impartiality, and independence.”-0-

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