There will be an amnesty in Georgia

There will be an amnesty in Georgia

The Parliament of Georgia has initiated a bill "On amnesty". The amnesty project was presented by the “Georgian Dream” faction. According to the initiators, the amnesty will apply to criminal acts committed before July 1, 2024, and will cover 66 Articles of the Criminal Code of Georgia.

According to the chairman of the Parliamentary Committee for the Protection of Human Rights and Civic Integration Rati Ionatamishvili, amnesty will be applied to a number of crimes committed before July 1, 2024.

"The amnesty will affect a number of crimes committed before July 1, 2024. In addition, in addition to the listed 66 positions, a 1/6 reduction will affect another 225 positions," Ionatamishvili said.

According to Ionatamishvili, the amnesty will not apply to persons convicted of murder, drug trafficking, sexual crimes, robbery, terrorism, corruption and dereliction of duty, as well as for the "thieves' world", ordinary crimes, human trafficking and other grave and especially grave crimes.

 "We also note that amnesty applies a special approach to people sentenced to probation, and the reduction of probation for one year will affect about 7 thousand people, which is an innovation compared to previous amnesty programs. As for the time of adoption of the law, it is planned to adopt it in the first reading at an extraordinary session," he said.

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