Turkey convenes NATO emergency meeting

Turkey convenes an emergency meeting of NATO countries because of the situation in northern Iraq, where approximately 80 Turkish citizens were taken hostage, according to  Reuters, citing the Foreign Ministry.

It was reported on Tuesday that  militants took under their  control  the Iraqi city of Mosul, and seized 31 truck drivers who are Turkish citizens, and on Wednesday - 49 employees of the Turkish Consulate. On Wednesday, it became known about the attack on  the  city of  Tikrit, the capital of the province of Salah al-Din.

In addition, gunmen kidnapped the $ 429 million in urban banks and took a military base, airport jail, set free more than two thousand prisoners. There come reports of fighting in the town of Samarra in 125 kilometers from the capital of Iraq.

According to recent reports, the truck drivers were released, but the militants took hostage other  drivers.-02D-

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