Two of the participants in support of R. Jafarova arrested on 5 days (UPDATED)

Sheki Court decision, local activists Ali Rauf Abdullayev and Abdulrahmanli sentenced to administrative detention for 5 days on a charge of violating the rules of the demonstrations. Mubariz Abdulkerimov and Islam Hasanov fined 500 manat.

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2014 August 18 (Monday) 16:03:41

Members of Sheki branch of the Popular Front Party Ali Abdullayev, Rauf Abdullayev, Mubariz Abdulkerimov, and Islam Hasanov were arrested on Monday by the local police.  The PFPA activist  were interrogated for  several hours, an then were taken to court, according to  the Sheki branch of PPFA.

The reason for the detention  became a flash mob conducted by the activists on August 17 to support Rasul Jafarov, the human rights activist who was arrested in Baku.

The action took place against the backdrop of the walls of the old prison, and was timed to the 30th anniversary  of Jafarov. Police station in Sheki region refused to comment on the situation.

Probably the  activists will be accused of holding an unsanctioned rally,  and will be fined or arrested  administratively, according to local observers.-03B-

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