Senator Chris Van Hollen

Senator Chris Van Hollen

Baku/09.08.23/Turan: The arrest of opposition politician and academic economist Gubad Ibadoglu in Azerbaijan caused a reaction in the US Senate.

“Attacks on democratic activists in Azerbaijan are unacceptable. We must work harder to put pressure on the authorities. Ilham Aliyev must stop pressures on political dissidents and release such political prisoners, including Gubad Ibadoglu," Senator Chris Van Hollen said.

US Senator Bob Menendez also called for Ibadoglu's release.

"I am concerned about the arrest of this opposition leader and am monitoring the current situation," Menendez wrote on Twitter. He called on the US State Department to prioritize the release of Ibadoglu in all contacts with the Azerbaijani government.

Earlier, Congressman Chris Smith also called for Ibadoglu's release.

* It should be recalled that the head of the Azerbaijani Democracy and Welfare Party, Gubad Ibadoglu, was detained on July 23 in the afternoon. The next day he was charged under Article 204 .3.1 (manufacture for sale, as well as the acquisition or sale of counterfeit money or foreign currency as part of an organized group) of the Criminal Code of Azerbaijan and the court arrested him for 4 months. Local and human rights organizations condemned the persecution of Ibadoglu and demanded his release.

** In June, Ibadoglu, together with the head of the National Council, Professor Jamil Hasanli and disgraced diplomat Arif Mammadov, who is in political exile in Europe, announced the creation of the Azerbaijani Youth Education Fund, which was registered in London.

Ibadoglu took the initiative to confiscate the property of Azerbaijani officials abroad and transfer these funds to the mentioned fund. -16B-

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