Energy Minister German Galushchenko and Azerbaijani Ambassador to Ukraine Seymour Mardaliyev.

Energy Minister German Galushchenko and Azerbaijani Ambassador to Ukraine Seymour Mardaliyev.

Baku/09.10.23/Turan: Energy Minister German Galushchenko and Azerbaijani Ambassador to Ukraine Seymour Mardaliyev recently convened to discuss critical matters pertaining to the energy sector. The meeting primarily centered on deepening cooperation and assistance to Ukraine's energy industry, reinforcing a crucial partnership.

In his remarks, Energy Minister Galushchenko expressed his sincere appreciation for the collaborative efforts with Azerbaijan in the energy domain and underscored the importance of further strengthening this vital partnership. "We very much appreciate our cooperation with Azerbaijan in the energy sector, and we very much hope that this cooperation will be strengthened," the Ukrainian Energy Minister affirmed.

Furthermore, Minister Galushchenko extended his gratitude to Azerbaijan for its unwavering support to the Ukrainian energy sector. This support played a pivotal role in sustaining Ukraine's energy infrastructure during the harsh winter months. In response to Russia's full-scale invasion, Ukraine received ten humanitarian aid shipments from Azerbaijan for its energy sector, which included 50 backup power plants and 45 power transformers. Looking ahead, another substantial batch of new equipment for the restoration of distribution networks is anticipated to arrive by the conclusion of 2023.

A key focus of the meeting was cooperation within the oil and gas industry, particularly addressing storage and transit of energy resources. Minister Galushchenko emphasized that the deepened collaboration between Ukraine and Azerbaijan in this domain would not only reduce individual states' reliance on Russian energy sources but also fortify the energy security of the entire region. This development signifies a significant step forward in ensuring energy stability amidst regional challenges.

The Ministry of Energy of Ukraine has reported these critical discussions, highlighting the commitment of both nations to enhancing energy cooperation and mitigating vulnerabilities related to energy dependence. --0--

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