Netanyahu and Cohen

Netanyahu and Cohen

Short-term visits by Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu in Baku and then in Astana could be dictated by the stability of Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan, which were exposed as a result of systemic problems caused by the deep economic crisis facing the oil Caspian countries. 

The Head of Mossad, Yossi Cohen called the visit a strategically important in terms of discussing the most pressing security issues.

According to the Breakingisrailnews publication, over the past few days, Israel has officially raised the issue of the security cooperation between the two countries and in this regard, preliminary talks have been held. "I hope that in the remaining days of final text of the official memorandum of understanding will be prepared, and will sign by senior officials of both countries," said Cohen.

Under the agreement, both sides have committed themselves to increase multilateral cooperation on common security threats, and Tel Aviv has pledged to deploy and mobilize equipment and advanced security system for the Azerbaijani government.

"According to the preliminary agreement with the employees of the Azerbaijani security service, Mossad will cooperate with the Azerbaijani government in the fight against terrorism, religious extremism and prevent the coup and the establishment of multilateral regional associations. In this regard, the parties agreed that a number of experienced officers of Mossad start activities in Baku. In addition, joint meetings on security issues between Tel Aviv and Baku will be held on a quarterly basis," said Cohen.

When asked about the purpose of the agreement, he said: "This document will certainly raise Azerbaijan's security against external threats and ensure the security of both countries in the region."

Throughout the history of bilateral relations established since Israel's recognition of Azerbaijan’s independence in December 1991, has consistently sought to enlist the support of Tel Aviv for its own safety. Especially it is necessary to look from the point of view of cooperation of special services and lobbying with the mediation of the Jewish lobby in the various countries, the highest business circles, and especially in the United States.

In turn, Israel was interested in a secular Muslim Azerbaijan as an additional link security zone in the Muslim environment, along with allied countries such as Turkey, Egypt, and Jordan.

 An important aspect of uniting the interests of the parties has been and Iran, from which both states has consistently proceeded undisguised threat posed by the clerical regime. The subject of deliveries of Azerbaijani oil to Israel and the Israeli arms purchases is more technical and material aspect of cooperation having great importance.

Taking into account the weakening of Israel's partner-countries in Eurasia, beginning from Russian and ending with Turkey, Azerbaijan, and Kazakhstan and so on, where Israel has various aspects of interest mentioned above, Tel-Aviv will increase its influence in this area, playing the role of the United States’ subsidiary partner, the regional policy of which is taking a pronounced dominant character.

Netanyahu praised the statement by US President-elect Donald Trump plans on the recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital. Such reverence by Trump demonstrates a desire to give Israel a greater role in the Eurasian region for the period of his transaction from authoritarianism to democracy. Strengthening the US-Israel tandem would mean that the Jewish state will move in the wake of the American and the Eurasian doctrine to promote peaceful reforms in these countries, if such will be presented. Otherwise, Tel Aviv will act from the point of view of its national interests, which are part of the US interests in the relations with friendly countries such as Azerbaijan, despite any positive historical episodes and tangible benefits.

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