The court refused to bring the process of Ramil Usubov

Today the Baku Serious Crimes Court continued the trial in the "case of Nardaran." The defendants, whom the judge evicted   at the two years ago  meeting, have been returned to the hall. The  judge Alovsat Abbasov did not accept the refusal of the accused lawyers,  as there were not good reasons for this. Then the lawyer Yalcin Imanov delivered a petition to summon Interior Minister Ramil Usubov as a witness. "Ramil Usubov, said on television that in Nardaran  there were 23 times  clashes with the police. He further said that along with  two policemen  were killed  five more people.  We know four of them. And who is the fifth? He is not mentioned in the case. In addition, Usubov said that the operation was carried out in Nardaran on behalf of President Ilham Aliyev," said the lawyer. Then spoke the leader of the Movement "Muslim unity" Taleh Bagirzade. He recalled the words of Usubov that in due time he freed the Chechen crime boss by the order of Heydar Aliyev.

"Now he says that the criminal order on operation in Nardaran gave Ilham Aliyev. If Aliyev really had authorized it,  then he is a participant of the crime committed by police, if not, what President is he?" Said Bagirzade. The lawyer Imanov also requested to summon as witnesses Ramiz Ahmadov, the doctor of the   hospital of the Interior Ministry, and chief physician of the  Sabunchy hospital  Fikret Zeynalov. "From the case materials it is known that the wounded were taken to the hospital and died there. Let the doctors come and explain the history of death, who were given the dead body, why the bodies were  nine days after," said Imanov. The judge did not grant the request. He also rejected the petition of summons  of eight witnesses. Bagirzade called strange rejection of requests for eight  witnesses."These witnesses "saw"  weapons on November 26. If you do not provide coming witnesses, it makes no sense to put forward other application."

After the break, the accused Abbas Hussein saw a police officer in civilian clothes, introduced himself as a journalist. He could not even answer the question, in which the editorial office he works. After a verbal altercation he was removed from the hall. Bagirzade reminded the judge  God's quads, and cited the example of the judge Enver Seidov  who is in intensive care. The judge abruptly interrupted him and asked to sit down. "Even Ilham Aliyev could not put me in place,  how you can do it?" Bagirzade said. The judge asked to remove him temporarily from the hall. This provoked a storm of protests from the other defendants. The judge left the room without announcing the date of the next  trial. -36C06-

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