Nasimi Mammadli

Nasimi Mammadli

Expert, observer

Date of birth: 2 May 1967

Place of birth: Barda , Azerbaijan


1984 – 1991 Baku State University

Professional Experience

Voluntary participation in the self-defense group in Karabakh

1992 - 1993, 1993 – 2000      Social and political activity; instructor of the department for public relations.

2000 – 2002                 Deputy Chairman of the PFPA

2005 – 2014                 Head of the Executive Office of the Umid Party

2007 -         Chairman of the Software Center for Broadcasting Monitoring. Managed the software projects of the Center for Monitoring of Broadcasts "Conducting TV monitoring and preparing reports".

Activity as an expert and a monitor in the projects "Measuring the Openness of Information". Author and expert "Reports on the situation with the development of public councils."

Expert of the project "Civic participation for conducting free and fair elections in Azerbaijan", implemented with the support of the EU.

2015 – 2018                 Author of more than a hundred socially-politically articles and analyzes on various sites.

Author of social surveys, monitoring, research and reports on various topics.

At present arranges trainings for youth on the themes "Good governance and public participation", "Political parties and electoral systems", "Democracy and pluralism".


From 1990 to 2018 he was an observer, a member of the commission, an authorized representative in 25 election commissions for elections and referendums.

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