Azeri and Armenian musicians Meet on Aland Islands


An experimental musical meeting between musicians from Armenia, Azerbaijan and the Aland Islands. Thirteen young musicians will meet for a week to play together and share musical experiences. The meeting begins on International Hiroshima Day, 6th August A concert on 10 August will be at the square stage in Mariehamn, at 18.30. The concert is free and open to everyone.

The participants have their musical roots in jazz, folk and world music. Most are professional musicians performing in their respective countries. Among the musicians there are classically trained guitarists, pianists and vocalists.  Also there are musicians specialized in traditional instruments from the region of Southern Caucasus such as string instruments Tar, Oud and Saz. The Aland Islands participants consist of the musicians in the band WhatClub.

During the week before the concert, the musicians work together in workshops, discussions, musical exercises and experiments. The idea is that the concert will emerge through a process that focuses on meeting and free collaboration between the musicians:

Emil Afrasiyab Mammadov - Piano 

Tigran Ayvazyan - Guitar 

Karen Mkrtchyan - Vocals 

Miqayel Voskanyan - Tar, Saz, Bouzouki, Oud 

Anush Haruthunyan - Violin 

Ashot Voskanyan - Guitar, Cajon 

Richard Palmer - Guitar 

Jochum Juslin - Guitar 

Kjell Dahl - Bass 

Andreas Nyberg - Violin

Isgandar Alasgarov, trummor

Parviz Mammadov Bass gitar

Malik Mansurov, Tar, saz 

Shirzad Fataliyev , Balaban

Nazim Karimov, Sound Manager 

The concert marks the start of the Islands of Peace Festival. 

Peace and conflict issues in the South Caucasus have been one of the long lasting engagements of the AIPI. The project, “Voices for Peace” is arranged in cooperation with Public Journalism Club in Armenia, Internews in Azerbaijan and the Foreign policy association in Uppsala.

Financial support granted is from the EU Youth in Action Program through the organization for international mobility CIMO in Finland as well as from the Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland.

The open concert is part of the 2012 jubilee program of the Aland Islands Peace Institute that has been thinking and acting on behalf of peace for 20 years. -0-


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