Rising Book Prices Prompt Creative Solutions in Baku

In a twist on the classic adage, "If you want to get great wealth with little money, buy a book," book lovers in Baku find themselves grappling with the increasing cost of literary pursuits. Over recent years, bibliophiles have voiced concerns about soaring book prices, attributing the surge to escalating material costs and, to some extent, rising customs duties.

In response to this affordability challenge, readers are turning to alternative avenues, such as second-hand bookstores, discounted sales, and special promotions organized by bookstores and publishing houses during holidays. The recent 10th Baku International Book Fair, held at the Baku Expo Center from November 20 to 24, emerged as a beacon for both seasoned bookwolves and those looking to delve into the world of literature without breaking the bank.

The recent 10th Baku International Book Fair, held at the Baku Expo Center from November 20 to 24, became a beacon for both experienced book wolves and those who want to plunge into the world of literature.

Participating in the exhibition were renowned bookstores and publishing houses, including Ali Nino, Bookmaker, and Libraff. The event not only showcased a diverse array of books but also featured presentations of new works by various authors, offering attendees the unique opportunity to engage with literary voices firsthand.

Observers noted that the exhibition served as a fruitful platform for writers, buyers, and booksellers alike. Special buses facilitated visitors' commute to the venue from metro stations "Elmler Akademiyasi," "28 May," and "Koroglu," ensuring accessibility for participants of all ages. Attendees left the exhibition with bags brimming with literary treasures, reflecting the success of the endeavor.

Beyond books, the exhibition featured an array of artistic expressions, including paintings and book accessories. Authors highlighted the significance of such book fairs in expanding their reach and boosting post-presentation book sales. Attendees were also treated to reading nooks and nearby restaurants and cafes, adding a layer of comfort to their literary exploration.

Shahbaz Khuduoglu, director of the  publishing house Qanun  (Law), lauded the exhibition's success and efficiency, emphasizing that frequent exhibitions contribute to a growing interest in books among the public. Despite its triumphs, participants expressed a few qualms, citing the remote location of the venue as a drawback. Suggestions were made for future exhibitions to be situated in closer proximity to metro stations or the city center, streamlining the experience for visitors.

Participants also voiced a desire for international representation, urging organizers to invite authors with foreign and international accolades to future exhibitions. With expectations for an uptick in such literary gatherings, the Baku International Book Fair has become a pivotal event not only for avid readers but for the city's burgeoning literary community.

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