A week has passed since the incident with Bakhtiyar Hajiyev. There is no result

Baku/28.04.22/Turan: The public unconditionally condemns the kidnapping and beating of public activist Bahtiyar Hajiyev by unknown people. On April 21 at around 11:00 pm, four men in black masks pushed him into a car, put a black bag over his head, and drove him away in an unknown direction, Hajiyev wrote on his Facebook page. They committed obscene acts towards him. It's been a week since everything happened. Are there any results?

Bahtiyar  Hajiyev himself talks about this in the “Difficult Question” program.

 Four days have passed since the  Main Directorate for Combating Organized Crime (MDCO)  has filed a  lawsuit. During this time, according to my observations, the police are busier with formal procedures. They photographed the crime scene, received a statement, took an explanation, I was interrogated as a witness, then I would be recognized as a victim and interrogated again.

Only on the 6th day after the incident, Hajiyev was invited to the MDCO to view the recordings of the security cameras of the Safe City system. According to Hajiyev, it is rather strange when viewing the records of security cameras in a case taken under the control of the Minister of Internal Affairs is carried out six days after the incident.

“During the viewing, it turned out that in addition to two static cameras, the rotating camera located under them, on the day of the incident, did not rotate at all and for this reason did not record the number of the car in which I was taken away,” Hajiyev wrote.

According to him, this strengthens the version that he voiced from the first day. According to this version, what happened is a pre-planned crime committed by law enforcement agencies, or other persons in complicity with law enforcement agencies.

“The question arises, if law enforcement agencies were not involved in what was committed against me, then who could interfere in the work of the Safe City system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Who could have known what would happen? Hajiyev explained.

Today I sent a message to the Minister of Internal Affairs, which says - "If he really wants to solve this crime and considers this a provocation directed against him, then he should figure out who blocked the security camera on April 21 ? –0—

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