Ali Aliyev's prison term extended

Baku/23.06.22/Turan: Today, the Yasamal District Court, chaired by Rashad Javadzade, issued another verdict for libel to the imprisoned chairman of the Citizens and Development Party, Ali Aliyev.

The "victim" - the former chairman of the Binagadi branch of the New Azerbaijan Party Ramiz Goyushov sued Ali Aliyev after he called him a "hare", "frayer" and "masturbator" in a video interview with Boomerang TV in September 2021 ". The reason for this was the footage that appeared on the social network, in which Geyushev watches porn videos. The journalist who distributed these footage was arrested, and Geyushev was expelled from the party.

The court found Aliyev guilty under the Article 148 (insult) of the Criminal Code and sentenced him to 6 months' imprisonment.

Earlier, on January 13 of this year, Ali Aliyev was sentenced to five months in prison on charges of libel (Article 147.1 of the Criminal Code) based on a complaint from an officer of the State Border Service (SBS) Emil Jafarov.

On April 15, the court extended the sentence by another month, also upholding the complaint against Aliyev by another officer of the State Border Service, Ramin Adilov.

The reason for the lawsuits was the statement by Ali Aliyev in the press that the said officers could not survive the crash of the MI-17 helicopter of the State Border Guard Service on November 30, 2021.

In the court's verdict, it is noted that Ali Aliyev's previous sentences are combined, and he was assigned a total term of imprisonment for 12 months with detention in a general regime colony.

Elchin Rahimzadeh, “Boomerang TV”, talks about this in the “Difficult Question” program.

According to him, the entire course of the trial of Ali Aliyev showed that this case was ordered. “This whole process is a political order. Ali Aliyev is also convinced of this. Therefore, during the trial, he hurried judge Rashad Javadzadeh, urging "not to put on a show, killing time, to read out the instructions sent to him as soon as possible and put an end to this."

According to Rahimzadeh, a clear sign that the upcoming trial will end with an additional term is the way Ali Aliyev's cassation complaint was considered the day before.


“In the Supreme Court of the country, chaired by Aziz Seyidov, the cassation appeal of the head of the opposition party regarding the sentence of imprisonment handed down at the request of the border guard officer Emil Jafarov was not satisfied. This itself was already a signal that the claim of Ramiz Geyushev would be satisfied,” Rahimzade said, adding that he managed to find out at the last moment that the court session was scheduled for June 22.

“Even members of the Ali Aliyev family did not know about him. The trial was held without the presence of Ali Aliyev's family members and representatives. They decided to hold the trial on the sly,” he stressed.

Rahimzade also noted that even if we assume that Ali Aliyev violated the law by his actions, it is still not clear why, the maximum penalties were invariably chosen against him. "This is another argument in favor of the fact that the trials against Ali Aliyev are custom-made," he is sure.--0--

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