Ramiz Mehdiyev himself chose the fate of the disgraced politician

Baku/15.02.22/Turan: President of the National Academy of Sciences Ramiz Mehdiyev resigned yesterday. According to information published on the ANAS website, on the evening of February 14, at a meeting of the Presidium of the Academy, Mehdiyev resigned due to his age, and not at all because of recent critical articles and statements addressed to him. Many call this resignation the collapse of the fifth column of Russia.

Who was really most interested in the resignation of Ramiz Mehdiyev?

Political commentator Elman Fattah answers these and other questions in the "A Difficult Question" program.

According to him, in fact, the process of dismissal of Ramiz Mehdiyev dragged on. “When he was dismissed from the post of head of the Presidential Administration, it was done with great honor. This was the first time that Ilham Aliyev saw off his official with such honor, awarding him the highest order. Ramiz Mehdiyev was one of the main architects of authoritarianism, the backbone of the Azerbaijani bureaucratic system. Obviously, the process of removing him from power, moving him away from the bureaucratic mechanism, could not be completed quickly. It took time,” the political scientist said.

According to him, since 2016, the transformation of the power system has been launched in the country - the transition from one form of authoritarianism to another. And in the course of this transformation, major political figures were no longer needed.

“On the contrary, they only hindered this process. And during this transformation, all representatives of the oligarchy were eliminated, except for Mehdiyev,” Fattah said.

In his opinion, the removal of Ramiz Mehdiyev from the post of president of ANAS was predetermined.

“While in this post, Ramiz Mehdiyev still retained a certain authority and influence among the state officials appointed by him at one time and tried to influence politics. This could not but irritate the authorities, which continued the transformation of the system.  Ramiz Mehdiyev should be deprived of all opportunities to exert influence,” Fattah said, adding that it was for this purpose that the next stage of attacks on Ramiz Mehdiyev began.

“Mehdiyev was accused of the collapse of ANAS, although he has been leading this organization for just over 2 years. But in fact, ANAS has never been able to boast of serious scientific activity, scientific achievements. At the Academy, many were involved in petty theft and mid-level corruption. So it was before Mehdiyev. However, this did not stop accusing Mehdiyev of all mortal sins in order to dusmiss him,” the political scientist is convinced.

Commenting on the opinion that the resignation of Ramiz Mehdiyev is the collapse of the fifth column of Russia, Fattah said: “Snakes begin to shed when their skin becomes old and keratinized enough. But, from this the snake does not cease to be a snake.” –0—





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