Tax reporting should be simplified - expert

Baku / 28.01.20 / Turan: Tax reform to increase transparency and reduce the informal sector has actually led to a reduction in tax payments. Such an opinion in an interview with the rantin sual program of Turan agency was expressed by tax expert Rashad Hasanov.

As part of the reform, many individuals have become tax payers for individuals. Instead of facilitating the process, this led only to complicated accounting.

The very idea of ​​legalizing turnover and narrowing the circle of taxpayers requires simplification of the electronic system of tax reporting.

The expert considers it incorrect to link mandatory social security payments to the minimum wage.

So, a year ago, the size of the obligatory payment was 26 manat. However, due to an increase in the minimum wage (MW) and an increase in mandatory payments to the social fund to 25%, today contributions to the pension system amounted to 62.5 manat.

In fact, those with an income of 200 manat and 10 thousand manat pay the same amount - 62.5 manat, which is simply not normal.

Therefore, the expert suggests charging a pension tax on the turnover of the entrepreneur.

For example, establish this tax in the amount of 2% of the turnover.

Otherwise, it will hit the citizens very much, since small businesses have no tangible growth in incomes. –03D06-


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