The parties have been re-registered. What's next?

Baku/11.09.23/Turan:   In a recent development that has raised eyebrows across Azerbaijan's political spectrum, the Ministry of Justice has re-registered several political parties, bringing the total number of re-registered parties to 25. This move comes as part of the country's efforts to adapt to a new legal framework governing political organizations.

On September 11, the Ministry of Justice completed the re-registration process for the "Democratic Reforms of Azerbaijan" (Azərbaycan Demokratik Islahatlar (ADIP)), the "United People's Front of Azerbaijan" (Bütöv Azərbaycan Xalq Cəbhəsi (BACP), and the "Justice" party ("ƏDalət"). This followed the re-registration of the Popular Front (Xalq Cəbhəsi), Musavat, and REAL parties on September 9.

The re-registration process was set in motion following the adoption of a new law titled "On Parties." The law prompted 27 parties to apply for re-registration, out of a previous total of 59 parties in the country. Surprisingly, 25 of these applications have been approved, leaving two parties behind, demonstrating a more lenient stance than many anticipated.

Mirali Huseynov, Chairman of the public association "The Study of Democracy" ("Demokratiyanı Öyrənmə"), shared his perspective on this development in the program "A Difficult Question." Huseynov expressed surprise at the number of parties that successfully underwent re-registration.

"I expected that a maximum of 10 parties would be re-registered. And this expectation was motivated by the attitude that the authorities have shown to the parties so far. Therefore, I came to the conclusion that I will re-register 10, well, at most 15 parties," Huseynov explained.

Huseynov believes that the adoption of the new law "On Parties" aimed to streamline and reduce the number of political parties significantly, although this goal has not been fully realized.

"Despite the fact that many parties have been left behind, 25 political organizations are quite a lot," Huseynov noted, reflecting on the ongoing diversity of political voices in Azerbaijan.

As Azerbaijan continues to navigate its evolving political landscape, the re-registration of these parties raises intriguing questions about the country's future political dynamics and the role these organizations will play in shaping its destiny.

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