Who launched the hashtags #I support my state# and #know the traitor# ?

Baku/20.09.22/Turan: For several days, the hashtags #support my state# and #know the traitor# have been launched  on social networks. This  campaign showed that in the uncertain situation that arose after the recent events on the Azerbaijani-Armenian border, many pro-government people are ready to support any steps of the state. At the same time, people speaking from different positions, who fear Azerbaijan's invasion of Armenia, are branded as traitors. The fact that the majority of pro-government people are involved in this campaign  raises suspicions - are there representatives of the authorities behind this campaign?

What are the consequences of such segregation?

Political commentator Nasimi Mammadli answers this and other questions in the "Difficult Question" program.

According to him, in social networks, in addition to social groups financed from the state budget, civil servants, there are separate closed groups that launched mass activities in this direction.

“This is a well-organized company. And it is organized by propagandists close to the state bodies. At the same time, there are campaigners who fell under the influence of these propagandists due to false patriotism,” Mammadli said. He believes that the authorities are using the current situation to discredit their opponents.

“These kinds of campaigns have a multifaceted effect, a multifaceted impact. There are at least 4 of them. These are legal influence, political influence, social influence and psychological influence,” the observer noted.

According to him, the actual results of this campaign are likely to have no legal impact. Since, “all Articles of the Criminal Code of Azerbaijan, starting from the Article  274 to the Article 285 relate to crimes committed against state power. In particular, the Article  274 does not contain the concept of "Motherland". It is about treason. And "Motherland", from a legal point of view, is an abstract, moral concept.

“Therefore, thanks to this company, it is impossible to achieve any legal result. Another thing is that the government can declare in any form that calling Azerbaijan an aggressor is slander, since there are no approved, recognized borders between Azerbaijan and Armenia. Therefore, those who called Azerbaijan an aggressor may be brought to trial under  the Article 147 (Slander) or the  Article 148 (insult). Thus, the accusation of "treason" is of a public, political and psychological nature," Mammadli said.

The public effect is transitory. The goal of the authorities here is to discredit dissidents in order to undermine their trust in society, the observer believes.--0--

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