Why do not  young people studying abroad want to return to Azerbaijan?

Baku/05.02.22/Turan: Speaking at the Youth Forum dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the Day of Azerbaijani Youth, held in Baku on February 2, President Ilham Aliyev said:

“Our economy is now part of the global economy, just like our workforce. Currently, many Azerbaijanis live and work abroad. I only welcome it. The more of them, the more, as they say, they glorify us. But at the same time, managers, top managers at new large enterprises opening in Azerbaijan, in particular in Baku, and in the service sector are foreigners. This is true. I'm not saying it's good or bad. I say again, Azerbaijan is a very hospitable country, everyone has a place here, and I welcome this, they come and share their experience. But why foreigners? Because the local staff is not yet fully consistent. Therefore, let students studying at leading universities abroad come and work in these vacancies, let them benefit the Motherland here.”

But, for some reason, young people who have been educated abroad are not eager to return to Azerbaijan.

Why? Public activist, graduate of Harvard University Bakhtiyar Hajiyev answers this and other questions in the  "A Difficult Question" program.

According to him, today not only young people who graduated from universities abroad, but also graduates of domestic universities want to go abroad.

“And for this they are even ready to sell all their property and go abroad, even in the status of refugees. In recent years, such cases have become more and more. I  keep in touch  with young people who worked in international organizations, many of them analyze the materials of some structures of educational and tourism companies in foreign countries.

And according to them, in recent years, most of the Azerbaijani youth are ready, even with a tourist visa, to go to European countries and the United States to stay there,” the activist said.

Hajiyev drew attention to the fact that not only those who studied abroad do not want to return to Azerbaijan, but those who studied here want to leave. Why is it so?

“Yes, because they see a difference in the perspectives of those who left and those who stayed. For example, in the field of startup (from the English startup company, startup, letters. - “starting” - a company with a short history of operating activities) and innovation. There was a group of young people in the country who, having managed to get support in their homeland, left (not for the USA, Great Britain or Europe, but for Dubai!) and within one year managed to turn their startup into a successful business, receive millions of investments,” Hajiyev said. .

According to him, there are similar examples in the field of sports. Those who turned out to be unnecessary to anyone in their homeland, having left for Kazakhstan, Turkey, became world champions, the Olympic Games. The same is true in education and many other areas.

“People cannot realize their potential here. And most importantly, they  leave the country because of injustice and discrimination,” Hajiyev is convinced.--0--


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