Will the resignation of Boris Johnson affect the course of the Russian-Ukrainian war?

Baku/08.07.22/Turan: Boris Johnson announced his resignation from the post of British Prime Minister and leader of the Conservative Party. He stated that he intends to lead the British government and the Conservative Party until new elections are held. The politician assured that even after his resignation, the government of the United Kingdom will continue to provide Ukraine with the necessary assistance.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said the British politician remained in power for the sake of his career and contributed to the isolation of Russia. As a result, the party isolated him.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, speaking about the resignation of the British Prime Minister, again said that he did not want to leave the post even after the announcement of his resignation because of the desire to continue his own political career and that Johnson contributed to the isolation of Russia.

“Gone and gone. Everyone said that Russia should be isolated, in the end, Johnson's party isolated him himself,” Lavrov said.

Will the resignation of Boris Johnson affect the course of the Russian-Ukrainian war?

Political commentator Shahin Jafarli tells about it the "Difficult Question" program.

According to  Jafarli, Boris Johnson is certainly a peculiar, non-standard politician. However, in democratic countries, the change of leader does not cause the change  of the state’s policy.

“Of course, depending on the character, temperament, style of work of the head of state, some changes are inevitable.  Of course, there will be some adjustment of foreign policy. But, cardinal changes, a 180° turn should not be expected. Boris Johnson's support for Ukraine, his activity on this issue is in no way connected with his subjective position. First of all, he was guided by the interests of Great Britain. This policy did not emerge with the advent of Boris Johnson as prime minister,” Jafarli said.

The observer recalled that this stratagem of London began to take shape after Brexit.

“Earlier, being in the EU, the UK pursued a more passive foreign policy and, to a certain extent, took into account the position of Brussels; but after Brexit, it returned to the world stage as an independent player and put forward a new doctrine of the UK’s foreign and defense policy – ​​“Global Britain”. It seriously changed  its approach to foreign and defense policy, calling Russia one of the main threats to its security. Boris Johnson presented the new strategy in Parliament, focusing on interaction with China, pointing to strong cooperation with the United States and promising to increase the state's nuclear potential," he stressed.

According to Jafarli, the new doctrine of Great Britain is supposed to repel the danger posed by Russia with the help of London's allies in NATO, as well as by supporting the countries of Eastern Europe. And here a special role should be played by assistance to Ukraine and the strengthening its military potential.

“Therefore, there is no doubt that after the resignation of Boris Johnson from the post of Prime Minister of Great Britain, its policy towards Ukraine will remain unchanged,” the expert said.—0—

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