Will there be the Zangezur corridor or not? – It is a difficult question.

Baku/03.06.21/Turan: Is Azerbaijan ready to sign a peace agreement with Armenia and demarcate borders? Commenting on this topic in the "Difficult Question" program of the Turan agency, political observer Ahmed Alili noted that this process, through the efforts of Yerevan, of their technical issue, is turning into a subject of political bargaining.

The problem has exacerbated after clashes between Azerbaijani border guards and Armenians in the Zod mine area in the Kalbajar region of Azerbaijan.

Then there were conflicts in mid-May and Yerevan accused the Azerbaijani military of infiltrating the Syunik and Gegharkunik regions of Armenia. Although, in reality, the Azerbaijani border guards only changed their deployment, staying within the Lachin and Kalbajar regions.

Today, almost all the points of the joint Statement of November 10 are being observed, except for a few points. Thus, the withdrawal of Armenian troops from Karabakh has not been completed and the point on the construction of the Zangezur transport corridor is not being implemented.

Against this background, Azerbaijan demands recognition of its borders by Armenia. Therefore, the issues of border demarcation come to the fore, which means recognition of the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Azerbaijan and Armenia's renunciation of claims to Karabakh.

Armenia is trying in every possible way to prevent this, but the factor of Azerbaijani-Russian relations comes into force. In a number of cases, Russia is forcing Armenia to comply with the terms of the Statement, because Moscow is interested in restoring transport links with Armenia through Zangezur and will put pressure on Armenia. It is no coincidence that recently, Yerevan is increasingly turning to the West, not to Russia.

In any case, Armenia has not yet responded to the call of the Azerbaijani president to conclude a peace agreement. This suggests that Armenia is not ready for peace negotiations and is trying to drag out the process in the hope of softening Azerbaijan's demands. -0-


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