Accidents at work "kill" $ 2.8 trillion

At the XX World Congress for Labor Protection figures were announced for global injury. According to the International Labor Organization (ILO), in the world each year as a result of occupational diseases and accidents at work killed 2.3 million people are killed. In addition, every day 860 thousand occupational accidents happen, leading to injury. Direct and indirect losses from occupational diseases and accidents at work in the world are estimated at $ 2.8 trillion.

Judging from the statements of participants, such figures cannot be tolerated, especially against the backdrop of human tragedy and huge economic losses.

Following last year, in Azerbaijan there were officially recorded 155 accidents at work. As a result, 71 people died and 120 were injured. The record holder was the construction sector, where 27 people were killed in 51 cases. Official figures reflect only 20% of human losses, Turan’s experts say. The managers of the construction and oil sectors, where there are most frequent accidents, prefer to negotiate with the families of the victims, not to harm reporting.

The World Congress on Labor Protection is convened every three years by the International Labor Organization and the International Social Security Association. -17D-

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