Area under cotton decreased by 8.4%

This year in Azerbaijan cotton planted on 21,070 hectares of land. It is 2000 hectares, or 8.4% less than in 2013. Rollback in the position corresponds to the level in 2009 against a background of lack of government support.

Reduced acreage reduction provoked harvest because cotton companies are trying to get out of the situation on their own. This year, LLC MKT Istehsal Kommersiya going to collect raw cotton from 6,000 hectares, half of which was sown on the plantations.

The company every year reduces the dependence on manual labor. This year, the mechanization of the cotton harvest at this company will reach 60%. Our company has 30 cotton harvesters, Turan was told at LLC MKT Istehsal Kommersiya. The company took 1200 hectares of land from the state on the rent in Bilasuvar for planting crops. Cotton is planted here as a replacement crop.

This year, cotton companies have not revised purchase price. Ton of raw fourth consecutive year will be purchased at the price of 420-450 manats. The cotton companies believe that the exemption from taxation of agriculture (except land tax) does not mean a full state support. The fact is that cotton companies in any case have to pay value added tax and other taxes, which adversely affects the profitability of the industry.

In 2013, cotton was planted on 23,500 hectares, which is 19.6% less than the year before. A total of 44,800 tons of crops (-21.4%) was collected. -08B-

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