Area under vines in Azerbaijan reduced

Azerbaijan has begun mass vintage. Hot and dry weather in June and July promises a good harvest.

According to the State Committee of Statistics, at the beginning of this year the area under vines in Azerbaijan amounted to 16 100 hectares. Last year, despite the increase in the harvest by 2%, was not so successful for grape growers: the area under this perennial decreased by 200 ha. Private farms and farmers liquidated 300 hectares of vineyards and wineries, on the contrary, increased their farms by 100 hectares and brought them up to 4,800 hectares.

In 2013, there were 154 100 tonnes of grapes harvested, part of which was used by winemakers. The yield was 91.5 quintals per 1 ha, which is 0.9 centners more than in 2012. Besides, it is a historical record of Azerbaijani winegrowers.

Since 2004, Azerbaijan has planted 8,000 hectares of new vineyards. For 10 years the harvest has tripled.

Winemaking becomes a favorite business of Azerbaijani oligarchs. Vast vineyards belong to the company Gilan, which produces fine wines in Gabala. The Goygol region hosts the Vinagro winery controlled by a senior general, which also has its own vineyards in several regions of the country.

According to the State Committee of Statistics, viticulture in Azerbaijan has mainly developed in Shamakha (1,617 ha), Jalilabad (1,507 ha), Salyan (1,187 ha), Samukh (1,032 ha), Goygol (968 ha) and Ismayilli (847 ha). - -08B-

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