ASAN Khidmet services to residents of the north-western region

The sales representatives of ASAN Khidmet will serve residents of the north-western region of Azerbaijan (Zagatala, Balaken and Gakh regions) totaling 330,000 people.

As stated in the press release of the State Agency for Services to Citizens and Social Innovation in the Presidency, from 9 to 22 July everyone who is registered on the said place of residence will be able to issue any transaction notarized. In addition, you can obtain and replace identity cards and regular passport, driver's licenses, certificates according to the information of the state land cadastre. The competence of the employees mobile service ASAN Khidmet include the appointment of labor pensions, issuing technical certificates and statements about the primary and re-capture of the state registration of apartments and other services.

Until December 2014 ASAN plans to start 41 services to citizens of the country. - 17D-

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