AtaSigorta tries to catch up

During 6 months, 2013 AtaSigorta insurance company has collected the premium from all types of insurance to the amount of 6,060,062 AZN, down 220,000 AZN against the same period in 2012. The company is optimistic, because the gap in the first quarter was by 1.5 times. Not all resources have been fully used within the framework of obligatory insurance.

The voluntary premium totaled 4.42 million AZN or 72.9% of all premium. The growth of obligatory types of insurance was 27.1% against about 6% two years ago. A source from the company told Turan that the highest level of collection of voluntary premium was achieved in CASCO car insurance – 2,581,015 AZN.

The situation with other types of insurance is the following: 823,007 AZN was collected from voluntary medical insurance, 603,032 AZN – insurance of property against fire and other risks and 188,081 AZN from insurance against accidents and diseases.

29,600 AZN was collected from cargo insurance, 26,061 AZN from insurance of other types of property (swindling of employees) and 6,013 AZN from insurance of air transport. Nothing has been collected form insurance of railway and water transportation, but premium worth 8,046 AZN was collected from insurance of foreign trips.

165,017 AZN has been collected from insurance of responsibility, of which 17,062 AZN fell to insurance of responsibility of owners of auto transportation, 16,043 AZN – responsibility of employer and 131,011 AZN (last year 2,000 AZN) – to civil responsibility.

1.64 million AZN has been collected from obligatory types of insurance, of which 1,344,084 AZN fell to insurance of responsibility of owners of auto transportation (new OSAGO), 287,072 AZN – insurance of immovable property and 4,014 AZN – to insurance of responsibility of owners of immovable property.

The company’s payment for all types of insurance totaled 1.23 million AZN, down 50,000 AZN against last year, of which 863,032 AZN fell to the voluntary insurance.

AtaSigorta company is among the founders and participant of the Obligatory Insurance Bureau, which has been operating at the insurance market since 2004 and offering 22 type of voluntary and 4 types of obligatory insurance.

In February 2013 the paid authorized fund of the company reached 7.6 million AZN. The company numbers 4 branch offices and 4 representations.—0—


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