Azerbaijan and FAO Forge Partnership for Agricultural Innovation and Food Security.

Azerbaijan and FAO Forge Partnership for Agricultural Innovation and Food Security.

In a meeting with the representative of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in Azerbaijan, Muhammad Nasar Hayat, Minister of Economy Mikayil Jabbarov delved into discussions on the prospective contours of collaboration, focusing on bolstering food security, implementing innovative mechanisms in the agrarian sector, and fostering agricultural development in recently liberated territories.

Minister Jabbarov underscored the pivotal role of the ongoing partnership between Azerbaijan and FAO, emphasizing its positive impact across various sectors of the economy. The collaboration has notably contributed to the strengthening of agriculture, the enhancement of food security, and the effective management of natural resources. He highlighted the joint projects as catalysts for creating conducive conditions for rural investments and bolstering employment in the agrarian sector.

Muhammad Nasar Hayat reciprocated the sentiment, characterizing Azerbaijan as a crucial partner for FAO. He expressed optimism about the substantial potential for joint programs, extending beyond traditional realms into the digital development of rural areas. Hayat shared his insights on avenues for expanding mutual cooperation, echoing the commitment to furthering the positive impact of FAO initiatives in Azerbaijan.

During the meeting, the stakeholders engaged in a comprehensive exchange of ideas regarding the potential format of cooperation between FAO and Azerbaijan. The discussions revolved around ensuring food security through innovative mechanisms in the agrarian sector. Of particular importance was the dialogue on strategies for the development of agriculture in territories recently liberated by Azerbaijan, emphasizing the need for sustainable and effective agricultural practices in these regions.

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