Azerbaijan and Netherlands Explore Agricultural Cooperation in Amsterdam

Azerbaijan and Netherlands Explore Agricultural Cooperation in Amsterdam

AMSTERDAM (Reuters) - Azerbaijani Minister of Agriculture Majnun Mammadov led a delegation on an official visit to the Netherlands, meeting with Dutch Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries, Food Security, and Nature Femke Marie Viersma to discuss bilateral agricultural cooperation.

The meeting, attended by representatives from both ministries and agricultural companies, focused on potential collaborations in Azerbaijan's agricultural sector. Minister Mammadov outlined Azerbaijan's strategy for agricultural development, emphasizing innovation and the diversification of national agro-food systems.

"We see great potential in partnering with the Netherlands, a leader in agricultural innovation," Mammadov stated, underscoring Azerbaijan's interest in adopting successful Dutch agricultural practices and enhancing public-private partnerships.

Minister Viersma echoed this sentiment, highlighting opportunities for technology transfer and digitalization in agriculture. "There is immense potential for cooperation, particularly in leveraging Dutch expertise," she remarked, expressing the Netherlands' commitment to sharing knowledge and technology.

The ministers also discussed Azerbaijan's hosting of the upcoming 29th session of the Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP-29), underscoring mutual interests in climate initiatives and sustainable agricultural practices.

Both sides emphasized the importance of boosting agricultural and food product trade, advancing technological exchanges, and fostering joint scientific research and educational programs. The visit is expected to lay the groundwork for future collaborations aimed at fostering innovation and growth in both nations' agricultural sectors.

Despite the agricultural focus of the visit, economic ties between Azerbaijan and the Netherlands remain underdeveloped. Dutch expertise in agriculture, characterized by close collaboration between farmers, industry, and research institutions, has been a key driver of the Netherlands' global agricultural leadership. The country excels in innovative technologies such as energy-efficient greenhouses and precision farming systems, continually introducing new high-yield agricultural varieties.

In terms of trade, the Netherlands exported $152 million worth of goods to Azerbaijan in 2022, primarily tractors, broadcasting equipment, and seeds. Azerbaijan's exports to the Netherlands, including crude oil and petroleum products, totaled $87.3 million the same year, marking a significant increase over the past five years.

Approximately 100 Dutch companies operate across various sectors in Azerbaijan, with cumulative investments amounting to $670 million. Despite these interactions, the potential for deeper agricultural cooperation underscores opportunities for mutual economic growth.

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