Azerbaijan expects a further influx of migrants

The Minister of Labor and Social Protection of Azerbaijan Salim Muslimov gave an interview to the radio services of the United Nations under the 103rd Session of the International Labor Conference, held these days in Geneva.

According to him, Azerbaijan known as a supplier of energy becomes suspect in connection with the development of a diversified economy, provoked an influx of migrant workers - only in April of this year, officially the Migration Service has asked for registration of 47 thousand 694 people, which is 8 thousand more than last year period. If previously registered rose technical workers, vendors and laborers, now the championship for qualified personnel, Muslimov said.

With reference to the performance of the Director General of the International Labor Organization (ILO), Guy Ryder Azerbaijani minister noted that the establishment of working conditions and social protection of migrant workers and local discrimination should not be.

As the country's development priorities, he noted the development of domestic production and social infrastructure to a fundamental change in the tourism industry, the development of agriculture, the development of the transport sector and ICT. "All this is already contributing to the creation of many new jobs requiring skilled labor, but the country still cannot create a self-sufficient human resource, because there is a need to invite skilled workers from outside," he said.

According to him, qualified specialists are willing to settle in Azerbaijan and bring their families because of the country's tolerance. "Representatives of all religions and faiths feel at home here, many professionals to renew the contract, thereby also increasing the number of migrant workers," said Muslimov to UN radio services. - 17D-

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