Azerbaijan Has 26,500 Legal Guest Workers

The number of legal labor migrants in Azerbaijan since the beginning of the year increased by 17.65%, amounting to 26.5 thousand. This is evident from the report of the State Social Protection Fund (SSPF) of deductions for compulsory social insurance.

According to the Fund, the majority of registered migrant workers (88.3%) are male. Total represented are 114 countries. The leaders are, as a rule, are the Turks (13,439 people), Georgians – 2,903 people, Russians – 1,578, Iranians - 957, Indians - 924, Chinese - 843, the British people - 539, the Pakistani people - 525, and the other behind.

Start of the process of attracting migrant workers to paying contributions for compulsory social insurance falls on 1 January 2006. --17D-

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