REAL Does Not Recognize Parliamentary Elections on November 1

REAL Movement announced no recognition of future results of the parliamentary elections on November 1st. In a statement, the movement says that in the absence of the normal atmosphere for the free will of the people participating in the election campaign it was aimed at the opportunities to communicate with citizens.

From REAL 17 people nominated their candidacies. In their favor there has been collected 10 thousand signatures.

On the territory of 10 counties, where candidates from REAL were registered, 400 000 or 500 000 people live. The 22-day period of campaigning of the movement was directed to meet with citizens. Representatives of the movement literally went from door to door, informing voters about the organization, its objectives and the program and the illegal arrest of the leader of REAL Ilgar Mamedov.

During the period of the campaign 120,000 campaign materials were distributed.

REAL believes that they achieved the goal of informing people about themselves.

However, given the lack of a normal atmosphere, REAL said that future election results will not reflect the real choice of the people.

"The responsibility for the destruction of the institution of elections in the country rests with the government," the statement says.

REAL requires repeated elections in 2016 after political prisoners are released, the conditions for free political competition are provided, and free airtime for every registered candidate is available.

At the same time REAL urged people to fight for their rights, to come to the polls and say no fraud, provide information about violations during the election headquarters of the electoral movement.

As Turan was told by the movement’s executive secretary Natig Jafarli, the movement is not recalling its candidates. "In a statement, our movement has given a political assessment of the elections. The legal assessment will be given after the vote, taking into account the conclusions of some 400 observers across the country," he said. -06D-

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