"Musavat" will not participate in elections, but will watch them (UPDATED)

"Musavat" decided to suspend participation in the parliamentary elections. This statement was made  the head of "Musavat" Arif Hajili, at today's press conference. He explained this decision by the fact that the electoral process was accompanied by massive violations. For example, of 73 candidates  nominated by the parties  only 24 were registered. Hajili said that by participating in the elections, the party was designed to take advantage of the campaign to provide objective information about the situation in the country and demonstrations against the law.

Hajili told also about  limited  to a minimum the possibilities for campaigning and deprivation candidates of  free airtime.

"Voters  of Azerbaijan are more informed about the parliamentary elections in Turkey than in their own country," Hajili  commented ironically.

After the elections, "Musavat" will assess the election campaign. -05C-

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2015 October 28 (Wednesday) 15:40:47

The board of the party Musavat made a decision not to participate in the parliamentary elections. This was announced at a press conference by the head of the party Arif Hajili immediately after the board meeting.

Recall that 25 candidates from Musavat participated in the elections.

Earlier, the party offered the authorities to suspend the elections and hold them 4 months later, releasing all political prisoners, creating democratic conditions and equal opportunities for all political forces and candidates. However, none of this has been done. -05C-

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