Azerbaijan revised composition of minimal consumer basket

The Cabinet of Ministers adopted on June 6 resolution Number 182, according to which the composition of the minimum consumer basket was revised. Its composition was approved in June 2005 and revised in April 2009. Decision shall enter into force on 1 January 2015.

The composition of the basket includes 12 food items and product groups, 10 non-food goods and services 10 paid government revised minimums on many of them, as for able-bodied population, for seniors and children.

Recalculating flour minimum average annual consumption of bread and bakery products for the working-age population has been reduced from 150 to 136.8 kg per year. 1 kg reduced the consumption of butter (7 kg), 100 grams of vegetable oils, margarine and fat (10.9 kg) for a given population.

Minimum consumption of potatoes and vegetables increased from 46.7 and 95.7 to 54.8 kg and 97.2 kg, respectively. The rate of consumption of fruits and berries did not change - 38 kg per year.

The consumption standard for meat and meat products for the poor significantly improved (2.9 kg), as well as milk and dairy products (40 liters) and fish and fish products (2.7 kg). Annual minimum for these products will be 32.9 kg, 223.6 kg and 7.7 liters next year.

Government added 15 eggs to the basket for the poor. In the year of the minimum number of eggs in the diet of the poor of working age should be at least 150 pieces.

Sugar and confectionery per year should reach 16.9 kg 600 g more than previously.

Lows on non-food items have not changed.

By public transportation increased from 606 to 692 times for people of working age. For retirees, this figure has not changed (1 per day), and for children increased from 370 to 406 journeys a year.

The composition of the minimum consumer basket includes the most important goods and services. The state Statistics Committee must annually disclose to the media the cost of this basket. In 2013 it amounted to 119 manat at the subsistence level 116 manat. The cost of the minimum consumer basket is a kind of measure of poverty in the country. - 08D-

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