Azerbaijani President Signs Order for Reconstruction of Shirvan Irrigation Canal

Azerbaijani President Signs Order for Reconstruction of Shirvan Irrigation Canal

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev has taken decisive action to address the pressing issue of water management and agricultural sustainability with the signing of an order on Monday for the reconstruction of the Shirvan irrigation canal.

The Shirvan canal, an integral component of Azerbaijan's water infrastructure, has served the region for over six decades. However, despite periodic maintenance and repair efforts over the years, recent assessments have revealed a concerning increase in water losses. In response to this critical challenge, President Aliyev has mandated a comprehensive feasibility study to inform the reconstruction of the canal, underscoring the government's commitment to ensuring the efficient utilization of water resources.

The significance of the Shirvan canal extends far beyond its historical legacy, as it plays a pivotal role in supporting agricultural livelihoods and sustaining communities across eight districts of Azerbaijan. With over 112 thousand hectares reliant on the canal for household water supply and irrigation, its rehabilitation holds profound implications for the region's economic prosperity and food security.

In accordance with the presidential order, the State Agency of Water Resources of Azerbaijan has been tasked with spearheading the reconstruction efforts in close collaboration with relevant state agencies and local authorities.

Moreover, recognizing the financial implications of such a large-scale endeavor, President Aliyev has instructed the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Economy to take the necessary measures to secure funding for the reconstruction project in 2024 and subsequent years. This proactive stance underscores the government's commitment to prioritizing infrastructure investment and resource allocation towards initiatives that yield tangible benefits for the populace.


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