CBA: Food Expenditures Accounted for Less than Half of Retail Trade Turnover

In the first half of the year for the purchase of food products, beverages and tobacco products the population spent 49.5% of total expenditures. In general, according to a review of monetary policy, drawn up by the Central Bank of Republic of Azerbaijan (CBA), the retail trade turnover amounted to 12 billion manats.

"Other non-food products" were 18.7% and clothing and footwear were 17.8% of consumer spending. Motor fuel was 6.5%, furniture and appliances - 5.5%, drugs - 1.2%, and computers and other electronics - 0.8%.

 Every month an average consumer had 104 manats spent in retail outlets for food, drinks and cigarettes and 105.9 manats was spent on non-food products.

According to the CBA, in January-June, food prices grew by 5.5%, non-food products - by 2.8% while the average annual inflation rate was 3.5%. --17D-

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