Cigarette production increased about twice

For seven months of this year Azerbaijan produced 1 billion 153,500,000 cigarettes, which is 94.1% more than in the same period of 2013. Growth was achieved on the back of higher production prices for January-June at 14.2%.

In Azerbaijan, the manufacturing of cigarettes Two companies, European Tobacco-Baku and Cahan Tobacco (Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic). ETB acts on the basis of Baku tobacco factory and in the first year after the reconstruction of the company in 2001 it released 6.8 billion cigarettes. In subsequent years, the company did not work rhythmically, and in 2012 the volume of production fell to a record low - 1 billion 762 million pieces. The company meets the needs of Nakhchivan for cigarettes in this autonomy. In 2013, LLC Cahan Tobacco produced 27 million cigarettes.

In 2013, cigarette production in value terms decreased by 34% and amounted to 13.4 million manat.

According to the State Customs Committee, in the first half of this year were imported to Azerbaijan 300 225 000 packs of cigarettes - a pack of goods declared to customs Azerbaijan for $ 0.56.

In 2013, the volume of imports of cigars and cigarettes amounted to 653.27 million packs that cost importers officially at $ 333 million. Pack of cigarettes was declared an average of $ 0.51. In retail imported cigarette brands available at a price of 1.30 manat ($ 1.6) per pack. --08B--

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