CSO Asan for Taxpayers

Taxpayers will be able to use the services of the Center of Certification Services (CSO Asan) of the Ministry of Taxes of Azerbaijan.

According to the ministry, the innovation was accredited by the Ministry of Communications. Center is able to provide services through the electronic signature on the "digital ID map." The digital signature can make electronic transactions without the use of paper and signatures manually. With the signed digital document, you can make an unlimited number of copies of a legally valid. The taxpayer in this case does not have to worry about the safe archiving of a single copy of the document.

In addition, digital documents do not take up physical space. With e-mail there is no need for meetings with officials. When using a control system can quickly find documents and archive them based on various criteria.

The advantage of innovation is the ability to use all operating systems, including MS Windows, Unix, and Mac OS. Mobile operators (currently only Azercell and staff with ASAN state agency services to citizens and social innovation in the Presidency) can come to the rescue by special SIM cards.

Service of electronic signature can be activated in obtaining certificates of representatives of the Ministry of the centers services to taxpayers in similar departments of the regional offices and departments.

Due to the service can be performed countless operations through a single taxpayer identification number. In addition, the possibility of online registration of physical persons and legal entities, the registration of POS-terminals, departure of electronic tax invoices, transfer of VAT on deposit accounts, etc.

The Ministry warns that receiving a user code, and login by entering a password and encryption is not in line with international safety standards. For this reason, you should only use the opportunities provided by the CSO Asan.

For details, please visit the website of the Ministry of CSO Asan taxes (www.taxes.gov.az), on Web sites www.asanimza.az and www.e-taxes.gov.az. - 17D-


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