Discussion of Bill on Licenses and Permits

At today's meeting of the Parliamentary Committee on Economic Policy, Enterprise and Industry the bill On Licenses and Permits was discussed.

According to Deputy Minister of Economy and Industry of Azerbaijan, Sahib Mammadov, one of the objectives of the innovations is the reduction of the period for issuing licenses from 15 to 10 days, and permits - to 7 days. "There already exists legal framework to regulate licensing, and now it is the turn of permissions. Besides simplification of this procedure, it also provides for reduction of terms of issuing licenses and permits, implementation of the principle of "single window", etc. For example, in the case of adoption of the law, if the owner appeals to the relevant authorities for a license, but does not receive a response within a certain time period, the resolution can be entered automatically," said the official.

Recall, in Azerbaijan, licenses are issued by 23 state authorities on 59 types of business activities. --- 17D-

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