Do we need to check breweries in August?

The State Service for Antimonopoly Policy and Consumer Protection of the Ministry of Economy and Industry of Azerbaijan has revealed another fact of the production of mislabeled beer.

According to the report of MEI, in the private legal entity LLC Salyan Qida Mehsullari located in Salyan region, they revealed the production of beer with the wrong information on the label and the illegal use of the trademark of the other portion of the market. The audits found that there were no data on food and energy value of the product.

It was also found that the production of beer was carried out without a recipe and instruction manual and without documentary evidence. In this case, on the back of the package there was found inaccurate advertising of the drink as one of the varieties of the highest quality beer.

In connection with the abuses Antimonopoly Service initiated a case against the company for violating the law. Recall a similar gripe yesterday was brought to LLC Yevlax-Qida.

The beer season begins in May, but the Anti-Monopoly Service has decided to start auditing companies in August, which is fraught with a lack of effectiveness of its activities. In addition, checks are usually subjected to small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, while they never apply administrative penalties against the monopolists. -17D-

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