Domestic market provides Azerbaijan"s GDP growth

Development of the local economy's gross domestic product by 1 September totaled 39.2 billion manat. Approximately half (45%) of value added accounted for industry, 11.8% - in the construction sector, 9.9% - in the trade and services, 4.9% - transport, 5.1% - on the agricultural sector, 1 7% - on enterprise communications and information. Other, minor areas in general have taken a little more than a fifth (21.6%) of economic niches.

Value added per capita in January - August amounted to 4 170.3 manat ($ 5 317.3), of which 57.3% was the share of non-oil sphere (+ 6.3% for September 1 last year). Against this background, notable decline in oil and gas sector (minus 2.6%). When comparing the data of the past years and it turns out that an increasing proportion of the building complex, trade, communication and transport. Growth is due to the internal market – the exports lag is 5.9% and the imports lag is 21.4% compared to last year. --17D-

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