Development of production in the oil sector declined by 2.4% per year

Industrial enterprises of Azerbaijan, including entrepreneurs without legal entity status, in January - August produced goods worth 22.6 billion manat (minus 1.2% for September 1 last year). The State Statistics Committee notes that almost three quarters (72.1% or 16.2 billion AZN) products accounted for mineral extraction at 28.6 million tons of oil and 12.3 billion cubic meters of gas.

In the field of processing of products there was produced 5 billion manat, where the greatest growth (+ 78.9%) was recorded in the jewelry business and the production of musical instruments, sports and medical equipments. Growth of tobacco products was 75%.

Record (+ 91.1%) increase was in the rate of production of automotive and trailers to cars due to the joint venture (China and Belarus), which only assemble finished products from these countries. For reference - the assembly of Belarusian tractors tripled compared to last year. Manufacture of wearing apparel (by Baku Home Sewing Plant) increased by 45.7%, electrical equipment - by 20.8%, construction materials - by 18.9%. Processing of non-oil products gave 3.3 billion manat or 14.6% of total output. The production, distribution and provision of electricity, gas and steam provided 1.2 billion manat.

Production in the non-oil sector grew by 5.4% and that in the oil sector fell by 2.4%. --17D-

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