From the New Year on brokers will work under new rules

The State Securities Committee has made changes and additions to the adopted February 12, 2013 "Rules of conducting brokerage activities in the securities market. The "new rules of the game" will be effective January 1, 2015.

Under the new requirements, brokers will have to take into account market, operational, concentration, settlement, counterparty, etc. Risks, as well as meet the capital requirements.

The internal structure of the brokerage company shall perform the functions of risk management, internal control and audit. This means that the number of staff brokers must comply with these functions, as well as the implementation of brokering. Today, many brokers have only three employees.

The total capital of the brokerage company shall be not less than 100 000 manats. The amount of Tier II capital can not exceed the amount of Tier I capital (paid-up shares and shares not distributed profits, capital reserves). --08B--

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