Every Student to Have a Computer

In the future, every Azerbaijani student can become a user of a personal computer.

The Management Information System, Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan (http://musabiqe.edu.az/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=75) has announced a contest "every student - a computer."

The purpose of the contest is to create a personalized way of thinking, education based on ICT, as well as a selection of teachers and schools to be ready for a more effective use of netbooks.

According to the portal, projects for the contest may be submitted until February 8. The competition involves teachers. Winners will receive computer equipment for their entire class.

Intellectual competition will take place in two stages. The main qualities of the teachers nominated will be to demonstrate awareness of the practical value of the project, the level of technique of its development, affordable, friendly, convenient, and simple technical description of materials.

Applicants (teachers 2.6 classes) an application form and a description of the project shall be submitted in A4 format, font Times New Roman, size 12, Fri, and no larger than 2 MB (up to 15 pages of description). The project could include graphics applications, links to Internet resources, etc.

This will be a new experience for Azerbaijan's educational system. Netbooks will be given to educational institutions which showing greatest interest in the technologies of the project. In case of a successful initiative, all the technological equipment will "play" among teachers - intellectuals.

As part of the project, 15 educational institutions have received 2,077 netbooks. The advantage of the project is also in the fact that students can use the technology, not only in the classroom, but also at home. To do this, broadband wireless Internet modems and safe package of Internet services will be provided. - 17D-


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