First-aid post in Ismayilli built by Japanese

Japanese residents of the district to build medical center. Grant agreement for its construction will be signed Monday, September 15 between the Japanese ambassador to Azerbaijan Tsukuo Takahashi and the local executive Mirdamed Sadigov.

This is the 14th in a row in the project under the state program grant assistance of the Japanese government "Grassroots and Human Security." Its cost is $ 103,088.

For the duration of the program in the field of culture, health, education, environment and agriculture in Azerbaijan are implemented 185 projects totaling $ 15,511,880.

It is noteworthy that representatives of the country of the Rising Sun spend on surgeries with modern equipment about $ 100,000, while the local organizations, including clients such as the Ministry of Health, Heydar Aliyev Foundation, invest in similar properties $ 300 000. According to experts from Turan, this is caused by the cancellation of corruption and the accountability of the means. --17D-

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