Fights for the post of the head "Musavat"

Famous economist Gubad Ibadoglu held a press conference on the nomination of his candidacy for the presidency of the party "Musavat." It is reported that resigned from all positions  he held, both in the Party and in the civilian sector. Depending on the results of the election, he will decide to   return to his former positions or not. Further, he told reporters about his platform, referred to as "The Eight Steps in 2018." In particular, the platform is expected to attract young people into the ranks of the party and the transformation of "Musavat" a leading opposition force.

New trends, an alternative model for the future development of the country, a transparent reporting model of the party, will be introduced, and European integration will strengthen. "Musavat" will seek the participation and victory in the elections at all levels.

Ibadoglu said that he considers the candidacy  of the  party chairman Arif Hajili, Tural Abbasli and Sakhavat Alisoya not as competitors and opponents, as well as an alternative.

He said that all the candidates agreed to campaign in the framework of respect for each other.

The question which of the candidates is more likely Gubadoglu said it depends on the position of the Congress of Deputies, who will take part in the vote. Will the current leader Isa Gambar given special status after elections? Ibadoglu said that there is no need for such a status. -05C04-

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