Importer of Glass Sheets between Customs and Monopoly

Sakhavat Mustafayev engaged in the import of glass complains of the arbitrariness of the State Customs Committee. "They say that the monopoly and the brokers have been eliminated. Then who is this Abulfaz Malikov, who wants to seize my goods?" the businessman told Turan.

The businessman alleges that on December 21 a railway car with glass (6,673 sq. m) arrived from Russia at the Balajary station, but he cannot get it so far. "On December 29, I had to negotiate with the monopolist Abufaz Melikov. It was only after his consent that the Sumgait General Customs Directorate conducted customs clearance," said the businessman.

According to Mustafayev, all customs payments were produced and the goods were issued for him. Now, however, Abulfaz Malikov claims that the product cannot be sold to another person. This product is to be sold to him at a price Mustafayev himself paid. "Their aim is to concentrate the goods in the same hands so that prices did not fall," says the entrepreneur.

He demands that his cargo should be released from the Sumgait railway customs post and passed to him. However, the chief of the post told him that he would be dismissed from office if he did that. Thus, the delay of the goods at the railway station causes damage to the entrepreneur in 145 manat per day.

On December 21, the businessman addressed to the SCC, the law enforcement agencies and the presidential administration, but there is no reaction. From these requests, there is only one benefit - from all sides he is under pressure. Nevertheless, the entrepreneur said he would not swerve from the path. "So far I have registered the imported glass in my own name and the names of other people. President Ilham Aliyev wants to establish law and order in the customs, so I also insist that it should be according to the law, "said the businessman.

Note that Abulfaz Malikov runs one of the customs brokerage companies. Customs authorities do not accept goods without his orders. -08B--

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