In February, inflation was 0.5%

State Statistics Committee of Azerbaijan registered inflation of 0.5% in February compared to the previous month. Recall that in January, consumer prices rose by 1.2%.

In SSC they told Turan, in February food prices grew by an average of 1%. Prices and tariffs for industrial goods and services remained largely stable.

Employees of the State Statistics Committee fixed the prices of rice, semolina, bread, pasta, chicken and sausages. In addition, the prices grew for oils, pasteurized milk, cheese and sour cream, as well as some fruit (tangerines, bananas, pears, apples, quinces and pomegranates) and vegetables (cabbages, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, and garlic).

In February, according to the observations of GCS, the price of flour, buckwheat, pasta, beef and lamb, fresh fish, yogurt, egg, butter, sugar, and sugar, as well as some fruits and vegetables (lemons, oranges, greens, carrots, beets, and potatoes) diminished. - 08D-


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