Limitations in the supply of gas become regular

The Production Association Azerigaz of SOCAR has warned the public about the limitation of gas supply due to maintenance work from 12:00 to 18:00 in the three metropolitan areas - Khazar, Sabunchu and Binagadi and seven rural ones - Aghdash, Gabala, Hajigabul, Goychay, Gusar, Ismayilli, and Shirvan.

Restrictions are justified and linked to work to improve the level of gasification.

It should be noted that the restrictions of gas supply have taken a regular basis, especially since the beginning of the autumn season. This happens not only at this time and in these areas. Almost every day Azerigaz reduces gas supply pressure everywhere, except for the central part of Baku. The pressure drops to such an extent that the gas appliances are not able to work or gas is completely disconnected.

Employees of Azerigaz explain this to ignorant subscribers with preparing the transition to winter gas supply, although the Law on Gas Provision says nothing about the winter and summer versions of this public service. The law clearly states that the company must continually and qualitatively represent services to subscribers. In other words, breaking the law is a regular character.

Over the past 15 years Turan has repeatedly raised the issue of poor gas supply and large-scale financial fraud in the system of JSC Azerigaz.

In July 2009, the order of the President of the Republic made Azerigaz a production union (PU) included in SOCAR. This was done in order to improve governance arrangements in the oil and gas industry and the creation of a unified management system in the industry.

A positive result of this decision was that the gas consumption per capita decreased by almost 2.5 times - from 890 cubic meters to 330 cubic meters per year. That is, large-scale false registry in Azerigaz signaled by Turan before disappeared. The volume of this false registry was about 1.5-2 billion cubic meters per year. From this year formed the so-called debts of the population for the consumption of the virtual gas.

In March 2013 as a result of the reorganization of Azerigaz it kept only the distribution function, i.e. the sale of gas. Azerigaz has about 1.7 million subscribers. On the domestic market it distributes more than 9 billion cubic meters of gas, of which about 5.5 billion cubic meters is available for the needs of Azerenergy for power generation in thermal power plants. The PU notes that the national gasification level reaches 90.4%. --12B-

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