Ministry of Communications last year needed less investment

Last year in the fixed assets of the information and communications sector of Azerbaijan 200.7 million manat was invested (minus 37.1% in comparison with 2012).

According to the State Statistics Committee, the total profit before tax of legal entities and individuals in this sphere was 754.4 million (+ 6.6%), net profit - 611.2 million (+ 6.6%).

Fixed assets sector by January 1 of this year were at the level of 2 billion 403 million manats (14.5%).

The total volume of services rendered in the field, was 1 billion 528.06 million (+6.1%). The volume of services only in the sphere of communication was 1,000,341,800 manat (4.5%).

The largest volume of services was given in 2013 in the field of mobile communications - 908 262 000 manat (4%). - 17D-

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