World Bank has allocated additional funding of rural investment project

Board of Executive Directors of the World Bank approved a loan of $ 50 million in additional funding for the project "Azerbaijan Rural Investment-2."

In WB Baku office they told Turan the new line of credit will provide grants to 670 small-scale infrastructure projects that could bring income to rural communities and small entrepreneurs. IDP rural communities will mainly take advantage of this.

Primary results of the project cost of $ 53.6 million (WB loan, $ 30 million) benefited more than 600 communities, consisting of 1.5 million people. Through these projects roads with a total length of 2,000 km were restored. Irrigation and drainage systems in households also improved, which led to an improvement in income of 700 thousand people by increasing productivity at 30%.

Azerbaijan Rural Investment Project allocates an average of $ 55 thousand for the implementation of various collective infrastructure projects. In this community involved a 10% interest in their financing, including 8% - labor. - 08D-

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