Ministry of Finance Places Short-term Dollar-denominated Bonds

  On February 12, the Ministry of Finance placed the second shipment of short-term bonds issued in US dollar denomination.

As Turan was told in the Baku Stock Exchange, two members of the exchange submitted applications for a total of $ 16.4 million at the suggestion of $ 10 million. The securities will be redeemed on February 10 next year. The yield on the bonds will be 3.08%. The investors demanded them from 2.99 to 5% of revenue.

It is noteworthy that the auction for the sale of medium-term bonds totaling $10 million did not take place due to the low applications ($ 2 million).

The purchase of manat bonds totaling 25 million manats did not receive any offers.

In two auctions the Ministry of Finance has placed bonds for 20 million AZN and $ 22 million. Totally the Ministry issued bonds for 400 million AZN and $ 500 million. ----08D

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